OPENING AUDIO aims to highlight the following topics within the application of product design to hearing aid devices:

  • Creating Open Source Hardware as a means to share and produce products on-demand.
  • Designing for frugality as a means to easing access to and lowering costs of hearing aid devices.
  • Using Design Research as a means to unlock the needs of end users and improve the product design process.
  • OPENING AUDIO is being conducted as a collaborative project between Drexel University's Product Design Program and the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design's Frugal Digital Research Group. The Open Source Hearing Aids (OSHA) project is currently being incubated at CIID. Download the course syllabus here.
  • What's Mine is Yours: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption, Bostman & Rogers, 2010
  • Cradle to Cradle, Braungart & McDonough, 2002
  • NextFab Rapid Fabrication studio, Philadelphia PA
  • Makerbot Industries Rapid Fabrication Machines, Brooklyn NY
  • The course is organized and led by Ted Ullrich, an Adjunct Professor of Product Design at Drexel University.
    Instructor's blog
    On June 8, 2012, an open house and final gallery show of 18 student projects were hosted at NextFab on Market Street in Philadelphia. Drexel community, students, parents, attended to review the students' final projects.
    Students provide short descriptions of current progress on their design projects. In order to address a specific Design Trajectory (shown below), students have been asked to consider designing (1) an artifact and (2) a system/process related to that artifact.
    After a month of user, market, and context research, students have synthesized a collective pool of research into a handful of design trajectories. Through strategic use of their research, each trajectory presentation is one student group's argument towards supporting a unique design opportunity. Click on the thumbnails below to access PDFs of synthesized design research.
    Second-year undergraduate design students in Drexel University's Product Design Program have been challenged to use design research and product design to tackle real-life problems in OPENING AUDIO. Click on the profiles below to access each student's process blog.